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Wild Country Grubstake

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Our Ultimate Gift Box with Over 20 Pounds of Smoked Meats

2 LB Buffalo Roast

2 LB Wild Boar Ham

2 LB Elk Roast

1 LB Pheasant Roast, Sliced

2 LB Turkey Breast

12 OZ Canadian Bacon

1/2 LB Buffalo Corned Eye of Round

1 LB Smoked Duck Brats

1 LB Elk Breakfast Links

1 Smoked Chicken

1 LB Buffalo Summer Sausage

3 OZ Buffalo Jerky

1 OZ Elk Jerky

1 LB Mountain Man Burgers (Blend of Elk, Buffalo, Wild Boar, Antelope and Venison)

1/2 LB Horseradish Cheese

1/2 LB Swiss Cheese

1/2 LB Pepper Cheese

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